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If a small child urinates in the tub whilst being given a bath, does he become najis (impure) as a result?


Praise be to Allah

If a small child
urinates whilst being washed in a bathtub, this urine will flow into the
waste pipe, and the water coming from the tap will help the urine to
disappear quickly. If we assume that any part of the bathtub or the child’s
body became najis (impure) with this urine, then the water coming from the
tap will pass over it and render it pure.

On our website
we received the following question: Is urinating in the bathtub when having
a shower included in the hadeeth that forbids urinating in the place where a
person washes himself or is it not, because the water is draining out of the

This question
was put to Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on
him) who replied as follows:

“No, this is not
included in that hadeeth, because if he urinates, he can pour water over it
and the urine will be removed, but he should not start taking his shower
until the urine has been removed by pouring water over it.

See the answer
to question no. 4026.

And Allah knows