Islam Basics

Fundamentals of the religion of Islam which is carefully arranged as follows:

1. Pillars of Islam
2. Pillars of faith
3. See what types of monotheism and polytheism, warning them and knowledge of sin and warning.
4. Charity
5. Precious moral character
6. Politeness Islamic morality
7. Prayer
8. Fasting
9. Zakat
10. Hajj
11. Dead processing and prayed for him and bury him

The first and greatest of: testifying that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, explain their meaning, and conditions statement.
The meaning: (There is no god) denying all worshiped instead of Allah, (except Allah) installed worship God alone with no partner.

. The conditions (there is no god but Allah) are: science exile of ignorance, and uncertainty exile for doubt, and fidelity Conspicuous trap, honesty exile to lie, loving anti-regardless, Wa not Nkied contrary to leave, and accept exile to respond, and disbelief including worshiped instead of Allah.

. With a statement testifying that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and Meaning: unbelievable Tell, and obey him in order, and avoid the forbidden and enjoined, and to worship God only as laid down by God Almighty, and His Messenger, peace be upon him.


Pillars of the Islamic faith, which is six: to believe in God and his angels, His Books, and His Messengers, and the Last Day, and believes equally good and evil from God. And is not the faith of a safe unless all of them on the face, which is indicated by the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him. The denial nothing came out by the Department of faith.

And has been mentioned these elements in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and recall of the following examples:
Saying the Almighty: “Safe apostle in what was revealed to him from his Lord and the believers all believe in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers do not differentiate between any of His messengers and say We hear and obey Your forgiveness Our Lord and determination” (al-Baqarah, verse 285).
And saying peace be upon him and when asked about faith: “to believe in God and His angels and His Books and His Messengers and the other day, and provide as much good and evil” (Narrated by Muslim).

Faith in God Almighty

Includes belief in God Almighty unification in Lordship, and in his divinity, and in the names and attributes. And are summarized below for each of these types of consolidation:
1) unifying the Godhead: is the firm belief that God is the Lord of everything and no other employer. And the Lord in the language is the mastermind owner, and therefore the Godhead God for all His creatures means uniqueness Almighty and in their creation and theirs ends meet. The unification of the Godhead means recognizing that God Almighty is the absolute actor in the universe, not shared by a do Almighty. And so the God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and what therein, is the only one worthy of worship, and is alone worth the attributes of majesty and perfection because these qualities are not only the Lord of the Worlds.

2) uniting divinity: is the firm belief that God Almighty is the true God, and there is no other god, and its members glorified worship. And God is the One Who, any idol, and worship in the language are docile and groveling submission. Not achieved unification of divinity but sincerely worship God alone in its interior, and the face of it, so that it is not something which is God. And as such, the unification of divinity requires that we turn to God alone in all kinds of worship and forms, including the following:

Loving devotion to God Almighty, do not take a person from Darren God Linda loves him as he loves God.
Singling God Almighty in supplication, trust and please only an is the Almighty.
Singling God Almighty scared of it, do not believe believer that some creatures harm him Bmsheeitha and ability Vijav the trap of God.
Singling God in all kinds of physical acts of worship such as prayer and worship and fasting, and all anecdotal worship such vow and forgiveness.

3) standardization of nouns and adjectives: is the firm belief that God Almighty Mtcef all the attributes of perfection, and impeccably All recipes shortage, and it is unique for all objects. And this is to prove what has been proven God for himself or demonstrated his messenger peace be upon him of the names and attributes contained in the book and the year of the non-distortion or sense, and do not disable Bnfaha or deny each of Almighty God, and not adapted identifying essence and demonstrate how certain, and not be likened to the attributes of creatures. The Muslim must not fall in the analogy, or distortion and change and switch, or disruption, or air conditioning.

Belief in the Angels

It firm belief that God angels exist creatures of light, and they do not disobey what God commanded them, it is true faith but faith existence of angels and what was stated in their qualities and work in the book of God Almighty and in His Messenger Muhammad, blessings and peace of increase, not decrease, and no distortion.
136). God said: “disbelieves in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers and the Last Day has strayed far astray” (women, verse 136).
We knew God Almighty and the Angels, and their descriptions, and their businesses, and their conditions, to the extent that benefit us in cleansing our faith and correct our business. The fact that the angels, and how he created them and the details of their conditions were accounted for God in this science. And true believer recognizes everything Tell God Almighty, no more than that and does not detract from it, and do not cost search did not tell us of God Almighty and, not fighting it.

Moral attributes of the angels

Tell us of God Almighty and the Quran some congenital angels recipes, including:
1) they created before Adam, and that in the verse: “And as your Lord said to the angels I will create in the ground Khalifa said Otgal where the spoil them and shed blood and we glorify praise and sanctify you said I know what you do not know” (The Cow, verse 30).
2) and told us the Messenger of Allah and peace be upon him that angels are created from light, and as in the words: “Angels were created from light, and created the jinn from smokeless fire, and Adam was created what has been described to you” (Narrated by Muslim and Ahmad in al-Musnad ).
3) and the angels have the ability to be represented images of human beings, God willing, and had mentioned this in the Quran about Jibril, peace be upon him when Mary came in human form, and also in an interview with the famous Jibril came when companions knows the meaning of Islam and faith and charity and Signs of the time.
4) and has told us of God that the angels wings in saying the Almighty: “Praise be to God Creator of the heavens and the earth, will create the angels messengers wings Muthana and three and Raba, increases in creation what He wills, that God over all things” (Creator, verse 1).

Relationship between angels and God Almighty

Is slavery exclusive relationship, and absolute obedience and submission to the orders of God, said God Almighty: “I do not disobey God ordered them and they do what they are commanded” (prohibition, verse 6).

With this, it is polytheism to worship or hired or believed to be a thing.

Angels relationship to the universe and human

Worship of angels to God Almighty and not limited to the glorification praise of God and T.dhm him, and but also include the implementation of the will Almighty masterminding things universe and sponsorship all its creatures, and what the laws, and enforcement of according spending in these creatures are all , and the implementation of the will of the Almighty in monitoring and recording everything that happens in the universe of movements voluntarily and involuntarily.

And the angels other acts in human life goal guide people and entertain and help them to worship God and avoid evil, corruption and misguided. God chose angels to take down the revelation of the apostles, and the King of choice is Gabriel, and to guide people. And human angels hiding away in his entire life to make him happy, gifts and urged him to truth and goodness.

And has told us of God Almighty and he ridiculed the angels to pray for believers and forgiveness for them, in the verse: “who hold the throne and around swimming praise of their Lord and believe in Him and ask forgiveness for those who believe, our Lord and sought everything mercy and note, so forgive those who repent and follow Sbelk, and anorexia torment of hell, our Lord and brought them the Garden of Eden, which promised and of reconciliation of their parents and their spouses and offspring, Thou Aziz al-Hakim, and anorexia evil deeds, and of Tq deeds that day has mercy and it is a great win “(forgiving, verses 7-9).

And the angels are proving slave on the good work, and private Jihad for the sake of Allah, as Allah said: “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels, I am with you give firmness those who believe, I will in the hearts of those who disbelieve smite horror over the necks and hit them all” (Anfal, verse 12).

The number of angels

Does not count the number of angels but God Almighty, the Almighty said: “And what made us owners of the Fire except angels and why we promised only trial for the Unbelievers, for يستيقن who came the book and getting those who believe in faith and not suspicious people of the Scripture and the believers, and to say those in whose hearts is a disease and the Unbelievers what God wanted this, for example, as well as stray God wills and guides whom He wills, and soldiers Lord only knows it, and is only the memory of humans “(Amma, verse 31).

Belief in the Angels detailed and Total

Must believe in angels named in the book or in the year in detail, and these include:
1) Gabriel: He is the king entrusted revelation.
2) Michael: King entrusted diameter which the life of the earth and plants and animals.
3) Israafeel: is King entrusted blown in pictures.
4) the owner: is stockist fire.
The angels who did not want to remind them we must believe in them in total, for example, believe Eram writers who made them God we memorize, and believe in the Angel of Death entrusted with the arrest, the lives of the worlds, and believe in the campaign to the throne, and your clients with fire angels, and angels your clients in the heart, and others. ..

Impact of belief in the angels in human life

Of the great effects of belief in angels in the life of the believer:
1) God جنبنا including our knowledge of an order of angels falling into the myths and illusions that occurred does not believe in the unseen.
2) adhere to the command of Allah Almighty, who believes in angels control relevant to his work and his words, and their testimony on what comes out of it, it avoids violating God and sin in secret and in publicity.
3) patience, and continue the jihad for the sake of God, and not to despair, and to know that God’s angels soldiers with him and he is not alone on the road.

Belief in the prophets and messengers

And also one of the pillars of faith faith in prophets and messengers of God, and faith is God who called in his book of the apostles and prophets, and the belief that God Almighty sent messengers others, and the prophets did not know the number and names but Allah. And has stated this meaning in the Qur’an in the verse: “And We sent messengers before thee, of whom mentioned to you and some of them did not Nqss you” (forgiving, verse 78). God has said in the Holy Quran and twenty five of the prophets and apostles and they are: Adam, Noah, Idris, Saleh Ibrahim, Hood, Lot, Younis, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Shuaib, Moses, Aaron, Elisha , Zulkifli, David, Zechariah, Solomon, Elias, Yahya, Jesus, Mohammed, “peace and blessings be upon them all.”

Those apostles and prophets must believe their mission and Nbutem detailed and overall.

The message of the prophets and messengers

He says: “and send the messengers only give good news and to warn, it is safe and fittest no fear, nor shall they grieve, and who deny Our revelations, torment will afflict that they infringed” (al-An’am, verse 48-49). And on this we must believe that God sent messengers to the creation to تبشيرهم and warnings To worship God Almighty and the establishment of religion in the land and its unification. He says: “We have sent to every nation a messenger to worship Allah and shun the Evil” (bees, verse 36).

Our duty towards the Apostles

To believe that every messenger sent by God Almighty has reached his perfectly.

And we must obey the Apostles and not Nkhafahm because of obedience to God, said God Almighty: “And what we sent a messenger but obeyed God willing” (women, verse 64).
And to believe that they completed the creation note and deed, and they were all men of people also came in saying the Almighty: “And what we sent you but men do we preach to them” (Prophets, verse 7).

And to believe that they have nothing of the properties of divinity, and do not have the benefit or harm, and do not know the unseen except what Allah has briefed him.

And to believe that God Almighty and function cited by miracles in their sincerity.

And to believe that God preferred some of the Apostles on some, saying the Almighty: “Some of those Apostles preferred some of them talk to God and raise some degrees and gave Jesus the son of Mary evidence and supported him with the Holy Spirit” (al-Baqarah, verse 253).

Faith in Muhammad, peace be upon him

Of faith in the prophets and apostles of faith in Muhammad, peace be upon him, and he did not worship an idol and did not involve God never blink of an eye. And believe that the seal of the prophets, says: “But the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets” (parties, from verse 40) there is a prophecy after Allah bless him and grant him peace, and both alleged by after him, is a liar.

And we must believe that Allah bless him and grant him peace Imam of the pious, and that alone is worth to follow the example and torment, and that Habib Rahman, and that’s envoy to the general jinn and all mankind right and guidance, and to all the people as he said God Almighty and : “What sent thee not, but all the people harbinger harbinger” (SABA, verse 28).

And we must offer love the parent and child and psychology, as stated in the hadeeth narrated from Anas may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: “None of you believes until I am dearer to him than his father and his son and all the people” ( Agreed).
And to believe that God Almighty supported Muhammad, peace be upon him miracles function on truthfulness, and that the Koran impressive great miracle, and that God was endorsed by sensory miracles mentioned in conversations like the splitting of the moon, and others. And believe that God has given all the ethics of the Koran.

And a final word, we must mention that the sincere faith of the Messenger of Allah includes ratification and docile, certification that the Messenger of Allah and obedience to the law that sent for serving, not only true faith to ratify without obedience to the Messenger of Allah and to comply with his orders.

Faith books God Almighty

Also one of the pillars of faithis the faith of the books of God Almighty. This means that we believe books revealed by God to the prophets and messengers. And from these books what he called God in the Koran, and what did not name, and mention the following books, which he called God Almighty in the Holy Book:
1) The Torah: had revealed to Moses, peace be upon him.
2) Gospel: and had revealed to Jesus, peace be upon him.
3) the Psalms: that was sent down to Abraham and Moses.
The other books that I got the other apostles, God did not tell us their names. And we must believe these books as a whole, and we can not attribute the book to God only attributed to himself, which told him in the Holy Quran.
Must also believe that all of these books revealed the truth and the light and guidance, and unite the Almighty God, and that what was attributed to them which otherwise is a distortion of human beings and their making.
And we must also believe that the Quran is the last book came down from God, and that God singled out the benefits of the most important:
A) it included a summary of the divine teachings, and came in favor, confirming what came in the previous books of uniformity and should worship God and obey him. And collect everything that was scattered in these books of good deeds and virtues, and was dominant and sergeants, acknowledges the right of where, and shows what the distortion of income and change. And that the Quran came general law of human beings whatever they need for their happiness in the Hereafter, and it copies all the laws previous Baloqguam.
. B) that the Quran is the only divine book which pledged to God saved, God has said: “I mentioned we went and we will keep” (Stone, verse 9).
C) that the Quran revealed by Allah to His Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him and to all people and not appointed a special condition of a people.
And has told us God Almighty for distortion introduced by the Jews and Christians on the books that were sent to them, and for this, there is no day book on earth suitable attributed to God Blessed and Almighty only the Koran, and evidence of the following:
1) that the books before the Quran was revealed, had lost the original copy and not left in the hands of the people only Trajmha.
2) that these books have been mixed up with the word of God the words of the people, of the interpretation and the functioning of the prophets and their pupils, and deductions scholars, does not know where the word of God from the words of humans.
3) it is not any of those books reliable historical support to we can Nnsabha to the messenger who was sent to him.
4) evidence of the distortion of multiple copies of these books and different with him from the opinions and views.
5) what Tdmth those books corrupt beliefs and false perceptions about the Creator and his apostles esteemed customers.

Belief in the Day

And the meaning of faith everything told us by God Almighty and His Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, which comes after the death of the trial of the grave and torment, Blessing, and the Baath and Hashr, newspapers and the account balance and pelvis path and intercession and heaven and hell, and what God has prepared for all Ohelma.
And belief in the Last Day a great impact on human life, and have a major impact on human guidance and discipline and commitment to good work and piety of God Almighty. And God has shown us this in many verses in the Quran, he said the Almighty: “What do you think that religion lies That is he who orphan and does not urge the feeding of the poor” (small kindnesses, verses 1-3), and said: “I do not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day يوادون sharp Allah and His Messenger “(argue, verse 22).
And have demonstrated the belief in the Last Day Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him, and reason and common sense.

Faith in the fate

And is one of the pillars of the Islamic faith.
Definition of fate: the science of God Almighty what it be creatures in the future.
Definition of the judiciary: to find God things, to his knowledge and his will.

Levels of faith in fate

First place: the old faith with the knowledge of God and that he had learned of the subjects before the deeds, and proof of this verse: “No calamity befalls on the earth and not in yourselves but in a book that is easy for Allah” (iron, verse 22).

Second place: write it on the board is saved, and the guide says: “Did you not know that God knows what is in heaven and earth, for in the book, that it is easy for Allah” (Hajj, verse 70). The book mentioned in the verse is saved plate.

. Third place: God’s window and overall ability. “Say that hide what is in your hearts or reveal God knows and knows what is in the heavens and the earth, and Allah has power over all things” (Al-Imran, verse 29).

Fourth place: finding God for all creatures, and He is the Creator and everything else creature. He says: “That is Allah, your Lord is no god but He, the Creator of all things, so worship ye Him is everything agent” (al-An’am, verse 102).

Sunnis faith extent in fate

And the Sunnis in faith as between two Group categories: (1) rejecters extent (2) departing for work dependent on the amount.

1) Either rejecters extent, nominated Bakaddria: claim that God knows assets after they have been created and find them, and had what he called the Messenger of Allah and peace be upon him, wise men of the nation. And them late fatalism who admit knowledge of God acts slaves before they occur, but they claimed that the actions of the people and the reality of them on the face of independence, and this doctrine is false and if it is lighter than the first doctrine of fatalism in nullity. And had wanted fatalism they claim disliked God Almighty, and they said that God willing faith of the unbeliever, but unbeliever is willing disbelief, but they signed with is worse than that they have made will infidel overcome the will of God Almighty.

2) and the departing work dependent on the amount understand Bcolon: Since God as everything and his knowledge before it happens, why we Let us leave it to the fates that you’ll like it or not. And taking this many sects doctrine, and reject it to commands and prohibitions and had caused great havoc in the nation. And are thus claim that slaves are forced to work, and they called Paljbria.

The Sunnis understand compromise between these two bi Algalitin. What right is that the people of must faith extent, but may not be invoked to leave work and not be invoked in sharee’ah. Vakaddr have comforted him after the occurrence of calamities, and not invoked to justify the sins and sins.

Doctrine of the Sunnis in the causes and its relationship of trust:

The faith to the extent not contrary to the introduction of the reasons, we are commanded to the introduction of grounds with putting our trust in God, and the belief that the reasons do not give results without the permission of Allah the Almighty.

And forbidden for a Muslim to leave the introduction of the reasons. . And so the doctrine of the Sunnis is that you take the appropriate means with trust in God, do not let the introduction of the reasons, and not to leave depending on God and faith that everything but get God’s Almighty.