From the Shadows : Exposing the New World Order

Join Halaqah Media’s production “From the Shadows” on an audio
adventure unlike any other, enhanced with brilliant effects mastered
digitally in Dolby Surround. Experience a gripping and compelling
adventure through the realms of time. Explore the cloaked hand that has
been responsible for some of history’s most important turning points.
The same hand that now controls every medium, exploiting it for their
sole ambition of total global domination with a one World government.
Be there when we uncover the gripping truth surrounding Masonry, past
and present that is exposed in this exclusive insight never before

Shadows 2 : Money

Some say money is the root of all evil: a tool used by the wicked
and the greedy to manipulate and control.Others see it as the key to
all life’s puzzles. But whatever you believe one thing is for sure it
affects everyone of us.

Halaqah Media explores the dark history of money and how it has influenced the world we live in.

You will never see money the same again!

Shadows 3: Covert Operations (The CIA Exposed)

Enhanced CD. Digitally recorded and reproduced – DDD. “Man,
independent of time, independent of place, independent of religion
seems to be inherently blood thirsty with an enthusiastic restlessness
for war. In the dawn of a new century, it seems our ability to change
is forever escaping us; ultimately, wars will always know sequels.”