Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah's Qasidah Nuniyyah

‘Qasidah Nuniyyah’ (on the Description of Jannah) Recited by Abdul Aziz
Al-Matrafy. Qasidah Nuniyyah being the Arabic for, ‘A Poem, all the
verses of which end with the letter Nun.
Trays of gold and cups will be passed round them, (there will be)
therein all that the one’s inner-selves could desire, all that the eyes
could delight in, and you will abide therein forever. This is the
Paradise which you have been made to inherit because of your deeds
which you used to do (in the life of the world). Therein for you will
be fruits in plenty, of which you will eat (as you desire). (Al-Quran,
43: 71-73)
Abu Hurairah Narrates that the Prophet said, Almighty Allah says, ‘I
have prepared for my pious servants that which no eye has seen and no
ear has heard and neither has the thought occurred in any persons’
heart, so recite if you wish’.
‘No soul knows what pleasures are hidden for him’ (Al-Qur’an, 32: 17)

  • ‘Qasidah Nuniyyah’ (on the Description of Jannah)
  • That Which No Eye Has Seen